R v Carter, 2006 ABPC 341

Carter’s farm was variously described as a ‘disaster’ and a ‘hazard zone.’ Her animals were severely neglected. There was debris, junk, and faeces scattered all across her barn. There were corpses of a dog, a chicken, and four rabbits. Some of the stalls contained faeces up to a metre high. Her foals were caked in faeces, flakes, and scales. One of them had died and was left to rot in a tiny stall. Her horses were deprived of adequate food, shelter, and water.

Found guilty: no sentence indicated in case. However, “she was fined $1000 and ordered to reduce the number of livestock to no more than 10 animals for a five-year period; she also must keep the Alberta SPCA informed of the animals under her care” [http://www.albertaspca.org/resources/publications/AnimalKind_27-1_Spring2007.pdf, at 4]