NL SPCA v Harding, 2002 NFCA 14

A dog struggled on the operating table, while being anaesthetized which led to his veterinarian being charged with causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal, for allegedly stabbing Remington in the nose with a needle and punching him in the ribs.

Leave to appeal is granted. The appeal is dismissed with the result that the acquittals of Richard Harding will stand. The appeal is allowed, as outlined above, with respect to that part of the judgment of the summary conviction appeal court which deals with the computation of the six month limitation period for the filing of a summary conviction information.

Appeal from a conviction on 1 count and an acquittal on another count. The Court of Appeal found errors in the manner in which the trial judge had handled the W.D. analysis. The accused was acquitted of all counts.

Also see [2001] N.J. No. 362 (Nfld CA) application to extend notice of appeal – granted and first appeal decision at [2000] N.J. No. 309 (NfldSC)