R v White, 2012 CanLII 43292 NLPC

White threatened to kill his former girlfriend’s two cats and then killed one and injured another. The cats were found in pillowcases.

Sentencing after guilty plea for animal abuse and threats to animals and failing to appear for court. He threatened to kill his former girlfriend’s cats during a dispute and then killed one cat and injured the other. He was upset over a possible eviction and put the cats in a cloth bag and beat them. Dead cat had a broken paw.

Significant criminal record with violence. Pre-sentence report was that he was not suitable for community supervision.

Sentence: (1) Six months prison (2 months for injuring, 3 months for killing, 2 months f or threatening, 1 month for failing to appear in court — reduced to 6 months based on totality principle — Sentences were consecutive); (2) 12 months probation; (3) 10 year animal prohibition