R v Taker, 2016 NLPC 1315A00249

Ms. Taker was found to have had over one 140 cats, plus one parrot, living in her residence, which were all seized and removed by a local rescue due to her inability to care of this quantity of animals.

The vast majority of these cats resided in urine and feces soaked conditions, suffered from flea infestations, were emaciated, severely ill and unneutered. These animals came into Taker’s care when she found a number of cats and kittens in a shed and took them into her residence to care for them, however, their numbers quickly increased out of Taker’s control. Five of the animals (four cats and a parrot) were Taker’s own personal pets and were noted to be well cared for and healthy, and were therefore permitted to stay with her.

Taker pleaded guilty to one count under s. 18(2) of the Animal Health and Protection Act for causing these animals to be in distress. The Crown sought a fine in the range of $1000-1500, a lifetime prohibition on ownership of any more than five animals and declined to seek costs for the care of the animals that were seized.