R v Reckman, [2020] OJ No. 5451 – Sentencing

Many animals were found on the property of Hendrik and Joshua Reckman when members of the OSPCA and OPP executed a search warrant, however the 290 rabbits and 279 rats found were the subject of these proceedings (the remainder of the animals were outside the residence and under the care of J). The rabbits and rats were found in unsanitary and overcrowded conditions which was described as “deplorable and absolutely horrifying”. Both men were charged with wilful neglect and causing unnecessary pain and suffering by failing to provide suitable and adequate care. The details of the judgment can be found here.

J. Reckman was only found guilty of the charges relating to the rabbits because they were outside the residence and in plain view of his tent. Mental health issues and a history of abuse from his father were taken into account, therefore J. Reckman was only sentenced to a 12 month conditional sentence.

H. Reckman was found guilty on both charges. In addition, because he had been previously prohibited in April 2014 from owning or having custody or control of or residing in the same premises as an animal or bird for the rest of his life, he was further charged with disobeying that order as well as gun-related charges for which he was also found guilty on all counts.

H. Reckman was sentenced for 24 months plus a day incarceration, with no probation. For the animal cruelty charges, he was sentenced for one year for the charges involving the rats and one year for the charges involving the rabbits to be served concurrently. The remainder of his sentence was for disobeying a previous prohibition order regarding possession or control of animals and gun-related charges.