R. v. Pundick, 2015, ABPC 140099458P1

The accused was witnessed, in an intoxicated state, with blood on his person, dragging a cat that was secured in a harness that was too tight. The accused had been trying to walk the cat and he claimed the cat had attacked him (he was found to have had small puncture wounds in addition to the blood). He dragged the cat approximately 80 feet. Several witnesses saw this incident and described the cat as in distress, having blood on its fur, and in shock and scared. The cat could not stand up or walk.

Upon examination by a vet, the cat was found to have sustained bleeding from its paws (leading to the cat having trouble walking) and was in extreme distress from being dragged. The cat needed treatment but did recover after approximately four to five weeks. The accused was found guilty.

Aggravating factors were the trust-like relationship and the prolonged period of suffering. A review of the cases also showed that incarceration was warranted.  A pre-sentence report was conducted; the accused has significant difficulties with alcohol abuse.