R v Orest Pohynayko, 2012 33140-1 BCPC

Mr. Pohynayko owned horses on his property. These horses were in varying stages of medical distress and neglect which was brought to the attention of Mr. Pohynayko by the BC SPCA. Mr. Pohynayko refused to provide vet care for his horses which were in distress. Two horses were seized and adopted to new homes.

In the court proceedings, although Honourable Judge Wood implements a small fine, he is quoted as saying, “…the fine that I am going to impose does not in any way represent what I consider to be a the real serious nature of the offence. There can be nothing worse than to disregard the well-being of an animal for which you have the responsibility as the owner.”

The reason for the minimal fine was due to the additional restitution order also imposed.