R v Hirtreiter, 2016 BCPC 211916-1

While suffering a psychotic break due to mental health challenges and drug use, Hirtreiter seriously injured a black lab type dog named “Ryder”, forced him to swallow several harmful objects and bound his neck and back. These acts were done in-front of Hirtreiter’s 4 year old daughter, allegedly in an effort to protect her. After police intervention, Ryder underwent medical treatment and Hirtreiter was apprehended under the Mental Health Act. She underwent psychiatric assessment and was discharged after one month. Hirtreiter allegedly injured Ryder as a result of hallucinations which led her to believe her and her daughter were in danger.
Ryder did not belong to Hirtreiter and was in fact a stray at the time of the attack. The judge explains Hirtreiter’s actions to be “bizarre and inexplicable”. She pleaded guilty, and offered an apology in court to ‘Ryders’ family.