R v Dennison, 2021 ONCJ

Corey Dennison had been evicted from his apartment. When cleaners entered, they found a flash drive full of homemade videos of cat torture. They gave the flashdrive to police.

Dennison, a 31 year-old resident of Cornwall, Ontario, plead guilty to one count related to the abuse of 16 cats. Dennison searched and bought kittens online through apps such as Kijiji, recorded himself torturing the kittens (including breathlessness), killed the kittens afterward, and disposed of the bodies. Dennison made approximately 200 animal crush porn videos, and took sexual pleasure from making and watching them. During the proceedings, he was diagnosed with zoosadism, where an individual gets sexually aroused by cruelty to animals.

At sentencing, the Crown sought a carceral sentence of 18-month to 2-years. The Judge sentenced Dennison to 2-years less a day (20 months after credit applied), 3-years probation, and a lifetime animal prohibition.