R. v D.C.M. 2015 ONCJ 672

Sentencing of the accused, DWM and DCM, on charges of possessing, making available, and making child pornography, arranging for the acquisition of a young female child, sexual assault and interference, attempted bestiality, possession of prohibited weapons, possession of drugs, and breaching court orders. The defendants were husband and wife. They had been married for twenty years. They became involved in child pornography in 2013. A police investigation linked child pornography to their computer and the computer of a neighbour to which they had access. DWM’s cell phone was discovered to have 107 pornographic images of his two-year-old niece. 

The defendants were arrested and remanded in custody. They were told not to contact their own children, but on two occasions before hiring counsel, each of them called home and attempted to speak with one of the kids. The accused entered a guilty plea. They were first-time offenders who had raised their children without state intervention, were gainfully employed, and posed no threat to the community prior to the commission of the offences. Mr. D.W.M.’s cell phone was discovered to contain 107 images of his two-year-old niece in various pornographic situations. Mrs. D.C.M.’s cell phone was examined, and numerous sexually explicit text messages between her and her husband were discovered. The texts describe events as well as fantasies involving their son B. and two female karate students of Mr. D.W.M., whom they plan to groom for sexual pleasure. There are texts in which they discuss bringing a “little one” home.

There are also references to the two-year-old victim, such as a plan to reunite the family dog, Boost, and the child. There is mention of sexually abusing the dog, and four videos have been found showing Mrs. D.C.M. attempting to have sex with the dog.

The balance of the total sentence to be served is 63 months or 5 years and 3 months.