R v Bernier, 2006 NBQB 36

Bernier and three accomplices broke into a hog house together, with the intent of stealing two sows for their own personal consumption. Bernier shot and killed the two sows with a rifle. The sows’ necks were cut, and the sows were dragged outside the hog house and placed in the trailer. The accused plead guilty.

Sentencing hearing after guilty plea for killing two livestock sows by slitting their throats and shooting them and break and enter into a livestock business. $30,000 in damages. Extreme victim impact because the damage caused in the pig house resulted in broken windows causing 72 piglets to become so stressed they died. Other pigs were so traumatized by the shooting and cutting of the sows that they aborted their pregnancies. Pigs demonstrated trauma. 23 year old accused, criminal record for property. He claimed he was looking to get food to eat. Pregnant girlfriend with a 1 year old child already. He was re-attending school.

Sentence: 5 months for the animal abuse and 9 months for the BE, total of 14 months to be served in community, 18 months probation, 10 year weapon prohibition.