R v Allen, 1974 CarswellNB 33

Allen, intoxicated, killed a heifer (female cow) belonging to another person. He was originally sentenced to 2 years imprisonment. He appealed.

Cote v. R, 2003 NBCA 38 (CanLII)

The appellant was previously found guilty of having committed 7 offences, including one count of wilfully killing cattle paragraph 444(a) of the Criminal Code. Mr. Cote then appealed the verdict on the basis that the presiding judge committed reversible error under s. 686(1)(a)(ii) of the Criminal Code. The appeal was dismissed.

R.v. Bernier, 2006 NBQB 36 (CanLII)

Mr. Bernier and three accomplices broke into a hog house together, with the intent of stealing two sows for their own personal consumption. Mr. Bernier shot and killed the two sows with a rifle. The sows’ necks were cut, and the sows were dragged outside the hog house and placed in the trailer. The accused plead guilty.

R v Quilloy, 1993 CarswellAlta 675

Accused was charged with unlawfully possessing a cockpit and unlawfully encouraging, aiding or assisting at the fighting or baiting of fighting birds, contrary to ss. 447(1) and 446(1)(d). An expert in illegal animal fighting operations testified that in his …

R v Wilkinson, Lloyd and Wilkinson Madeline, 2000

Cats left at address when the owners moved

R v Hardy, Michael

Owner moved and left two dogs in the residence for nearly two months.  One dog died of starvation.  The second that was severly emaciated would have died as well, had it not eaten the deceased dog.  The fish at the residence had frozen solid in the fish tank due to there not being any heat inside of the residence.  The living conditions were deplorable.