R v Newhart

Abandoned a dog on the side of a road, subsequently hit by a vehicle

R v Bigalky

20 dogs without adequate food, water, care, puppies severely stunted, equines with severely overgrown hooves

R v Lynx

Owner moved, left dog uncared for on a rural property

R v Holyk

Older man, mental illness issues, 80 emaciated cattle seized, several in acute distress from untreated injuries, large dead pile

R v Robinson

288 emaciated cattle seized, likely same number of deads

R v Beausoleil, 339412 NB

Emaciated and deceased elk

R v Menard

Neighbour of accused captured video of accused abusing dog. Accused hung dog with its leash, kicked it, punched it.

R v Kokatt, 1944 WWR 158

Neighbour’s male dog trespassed on accused’s property seeking out accused’s female dog. Accused took it upon himself to neuter the male dog himself, with no assistance and presumably no anisthetic.

R v Bocian, 1985 CarswellSask 322

37 cattle dead, 100 remaining alive were emaciated.

R v Kettleson, 1999 CarswellSask 166

Appeal of a conviction (trial judgment not reported). Guilty verdict upheld but appeal of sentence allowed as described.