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R v Diane Chester

R v Paulgaard

Cattle starving, at least 5 dead, no seizure as owner moving cattle to new caregiver upon our initial inspection

R v Thorn Sr.

R v Mangels, 1979 CarswellSask 286

Mangels, a farmer, neglected to provide suitable and adequate foods and shelter for his cattle.

R v Camber, 1976 CanLII 945 (SK QB)

Several dogs wandered onto a cattle ranch for the first time. Camber believed they were strays, and shot them – even though they weren’t behaving aggressively.

R v Peterson, 1928 CanLII 228 (SK QB)

A female breeder fox escaped from its cage and fled the premises of the fox ranch. Unfortunately, she headed for a nearby farm, killing several chickens. She was then shot and killed by the farmer. The court held that the farmer was justified in his actions, and dismissed the charge against him.

R v Anderson

2 horses, condition deteriorated over time due to lack of adequate feed

R v Etsell

21 horses with no food, water, shelter or care in winter, 2 had to be euthanized during seizure