Walters v Red River Exhibition Association, 1997 CarswellMan 321 MBQB

This was an appeal from a Provincial Court Ruling of a private prosecution. Walters alleged that Red River Exhibitions was promoting alligator fighting. Upon review of video evidence, courts found that alligators were not fighting at all. Sections cited are from previous version of the Criminal Code.

R v Lukasik, [2006] M.J. No. 179

Very little facts – the accused failed to provide adequate medical care and food to four dogs and then failed to appear for a court date. The accused was then given several fines.

R v Martens, 1986 (MBQB) 39 Man.R. (2d) 249

Two accused, who were very drunk at the time of the offense, went into a barn and began to spray paint the cows inside as well as dump disinfectant on them and violently penetrate the vagina of the cows with the handles of pitch forks. The court found that the defense of drunkeness did not apply as this the offense was determined to be a general intent offense. Section cited is from previous version of the Criminal Code.

R v Jennings, Lawrence and Kellie

Animals were initally described as being skinny with their ribs sticking out. An additional complaint was entered that the pregnant dog had been kicked in the belly and that all of the dogs had been beaten with a baseball bat

R v Kostiuk, Angela

Dog was kicked and slapped in the face

R v Wilkinson, Lloyd and Wilkinson, Madeline

R v Wilkinson, Lloyd and Wilkinson, Madeline, 1998

Animals were left in a residence when the owners left the house

R v Wilkinson, Debra

Two dogs were emaciated that our department (Sask Humane Society) had been monitoring. As compliance was not met, the animals were seized and charges were laid after she entered a guilty plea

R v Leier

R v O’Brien

Male took girlfriend’s dog (mastiff) to a country road, let it out of the SUV and ran it over intentionally. Dog was found deceased on road.