Bird: pigeon, dove, cockatiel, parrot, budgie, finch, etc.
Cat: cat, kitten
Cattle: cow, calf, bull (may cover other large farm animals when species not mentioned in case)
Dog: dog, puppy
Donkey: donkey, mule, ass
Exotic: tiger, elephant, lion, llama etc.
Fish: self explanatory
Fowl: chicken, goose, turkey, hen, rooster, duck, etc.
Goat: self explanatory
Horse: horse, pony, mare
Pig: pig, sow, piglet, boar, etc.
Primate: chimpanzee, gorilla, bonobo, etc.
Rabbit: rabbit, bunny, hare
Reptile: snake, lizard, turtle, etc.
Rodent: mouse, rat, gerbil, hamster, chinchilla, etc.
Sheep: self explanatory
Water mammal: dolphin, whale, seal, walrus, etc.
Wildlife (local): squirrel, racoon, groundhog, deer, beaver, fox, skunk, etc.
Other: All other animals that do not fit under the above categories